The Trifect Agency is an Interactive Agency based in Los Angeles and San Diego that creates games, mobile/tablet apps, web applications, and other interactive experiences for some of the world's largest companies. This includes projects for Apple, Universal Pictures, Marvel, UL, Sony, Disney, Hewlett Packard, Audi, GM, Subway Restaurants, Nestle, Kraft Foods, Microsoft, and many more.
Over 30 Years

Before becoming part of The Trifect Agency, since 1984 Studio C has been a media production studio with an amazing track record. After many years of traditional tv and radio media production, in the 1980s, interactive media work started on the industry’s very first projects, including production work on the first interactive encyclopedia (Encarta), to media production for some of the the earliest AAA game titles (Everquest). The interactive and software development would become The Trifect Agency. Studio C’s company infrastructure, production talent, and cutting-edge media production studio facilities are now a part of The Trifect Agency, ensuring the latest cutting-edge technology with traditional business legacy.


The Trifect Agency is founded by Sean Higby. Prior to founding Trifect, Sean served Technology Lead for Disney and Pixar projects, creating dozens online games and websites for Disney and Pixar films, TV shows, and franchises including Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Muppets, Pirates of the Caribbean, Wall-E, Up, and countless others. While at Disney, Sean was in charge of the technology for the most successful movie website in the history of the Disney company. In terms of returning traffic, time spent, and social media attention, Sean’s websites broke all company records and won many awards. Sean has also created multiple successful startups since 2001, getting top investment firm funding, and turning these technologies into purchased and/or licensed enterprise solutions.

Sean's work has received two Game Connection Awards for Best Digital Campaign and Best Overall Campaign, a W3 Award for Best in Show, three Webby Award Nominations, one Webby Award for Best Movie Website, two Pixel Awards for Best Movie Website, and an FWA Favourite Website Award. Sean has been asked to give speeches around the world for companies like Apple on how to make the best interactive experiences. He has been mentioned or quoted in the Fast Company publication multiple times, including being named as one of the Fast Company’s "World's Most Productive People" alongside 10 other heavyweights like Mark Zuckerberg, Guy Kawasaki, and Richard Branson.

After years of hiring countless agencies, and having a long-standing desire to see an agency that consistently delivered top quality, on budget, and on schedule, Sean created The Trifect Agency. Recruiting the top talent “dream team” he encountered throughout his career, Trifect now has a proven track record of delivering on these principles to the world’s most exciting companies.